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We are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring PMINZ’s “Emerging Project Manager of the Year” award.

This award recognises rising talent – those individuals who, despite being in the early stages of their project management careers, are already demonstrating that they can make a difference to the project management profession and the companies and clients for whom they work.

Comments from the 2011 winner of the award Alice Greer

“Winning the PMINZ ‘Emerging Project Manager of the Year’ 2011 award was a huge honour for me. To be recognized by my peers for my work and potential is a great endorsement and has encouraged me to build on my success to become a better project manager. Winning the award has opened up opportunities to work on other projects and has positively added to my credentials as a Project Manager. I would absolutely encourage others to enter the PMINZ awards.

Having Entity Group as the sponsors of the Emerging Project Manager of the Year 2012 is fabulous. Through my association with PMI I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ray Bell and Jerry Ball, Directors of Entity Group. They have both been very generous in giving me great advice, making me feel welcome at PMI events and introducing me to other PMI members.  The 2012 winner of the Emerging Project Manager of the Year award will be lucky to have Entity Group as the sponsor of the award.”